How Curiosity, Peer Coaching, and Teaming Can Change Your School

By: Bryan Goodwin, Kristin Rouleau, Dale Lewis, Tonia Gibson

Publication date: 2018
ISBN: 978-1-4166-2590-2

What happens when your school or district performance gets stuck on a plateau, despite your team’s best efforts to enact your improvement plans and mandates?

Unstuck shows how one school system embraced student and educator curiosity as a catalyst for transformation and developed a refreshing—and successful—new approach to school improvement, one you can apply to your own school or system to inspire better staff engagement and student achievement.

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Good ideas, the best intentions, and a stirring vision aren’t enough to effect change in schools. Unstuck offers a road map to help schools change from the inside out instead of the top down, drawing on a successful system-wide effort across a large network of diverse schools in North Melbourne, Australia. Inside-out approaches are designed to encourage schools to become more innovative and entrepreneurial, finding better ways to help students learn and teachers collaborate to increase their professional expertise—while also maintaining a healthy skepticism and reliance on data to make sure new approaches and ideas are working.

This process involves six steps to school improvement: starting with a moral purpose, unleashing curiosity, building on bright spots, peer coaching toward precision, leading from the inside out, and moving the goal posts. This book’s tips, real-life examples, and next steps will help leaders get from where they are now to where they want to be.

Pages: 235
Language: English
Publisher: ASCD, McREL International
Edition: First
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Bryan Goodwin

Bryan Goodwin is president and CEO of McREL International. For 21 years at McREL, he has translated research into practice, scanning the world for new insights and best practices on teaching and leading, and has helped educators everywhere adapt them to address their own challenges. A frequent conference presenter, he is the author of Out of Curiosity: Restoring the Power of Hungry Minds for Better Workplaces, Schools, and Lives and Simply Better: Doing What Matters Most to Change the Odds for Student Success, as well as co-author of Curiosity Works: A Guidebook for Moving Your School from Improvement to Innovation, Unstuck: How Curiosity, Peer Coaching, and Teaming Can Change Your School, Balanced Leadership for Powerful Learning: Tools for Achieving Success in Your School, and The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching: A Checklist for Staying Focused Every Day. Before joining McREL in 1998, Bryan was a college instructor, a high school teacher, and a business journalist.

Education: M.A. Rhetoric and Communication Studies, University of Virginia; B.A. Professional Writing and Environmental Studies, Baylor University

Kristin Rouleau

Kristin Rouleau is senior director of learning services and innovation at McREL International, working with schools, districts, and state departments of education as they navigate change and implement practices to increase student achievement. Kristin earned her administrative credentials from the University of Washington, her master’s in curriculum and teaching from Michigan State University, and a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Western Michigan University. As of this writing, she is a doctoral student in leadership for educational equity at the University of Colorado–Denver.

Dale Lewis

Dale Lewis is senior director of research, evaluation, and technical assistance at McREL International, and is the deputy director of the Regional Educational Laboratory for the Pacific Region. Before joining McREL, Dale was a certified educational diagnostician, a special education teacher, a principal consultant for the American Institutes for Research, and director of the Texas Comprehensive Center. Dale has extensive experience using the Concerns-Based Adoption Model to support implementation of new education programs and initiatives.

Tonia Gibson

Tonia Gibson, a McREL project consultant, works with schools, districts, and other stakeholders to develop sustainable plans for improving the professional practice of teachers and school leaders. She began her career in Australia, teaching all grades from K–6. Gibson earned her master's degree in school leadership from the University of Melbourne, and a bachelor's degree in education in primary/adult learning from RMIT University.

Education: M.Ed. in School/Educational Leadership, The University of Melbourne; B.Ed. Primary Education and Adult Learning, RMIT

Michael Berry

"[An] honest and very real take on change and culture in schools. Overall a big thumbs up. I highly recommend it."

—Michael Berry, Director of Curriculum, Communication, and Innovation, Mt. Mansfield SD

Cathy Gassenheimer

"As I read the book, I kept finding myself nodding in agreement. This inside-out approach, with an emphasis on inquiry and answering the question 'how can we make it better?', really makes sense. The process honors both teachers' and students' knowledge and desire to 'own their learning.'"

—Cathy Gassenheimer, Executive VP for the Alabama Best Practices Center

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