Tilting Your Teaching

Tilting Your Teaching

Seven Simple Shifts That Can Substantially Improve Student Learning

By: Glen Pearsall, Natasha Harris

Publication date: 2020
ISBN: 9781734782004
Subject: Instruction

Quick. How can you improve your classroom’s learning climate right now?

With the Seven Simple Shifts—a set of research-based, practice-proven techniques every teacher can use to gain students’ cooperation, engagement, and focus, and help them learn even more. Sometimes all it takes is an intentional pause, a purposeful glance, or a few well-timed words to keep a lesson on track.

The key is to be prepared to match the Shift to the moment. Chances are, you’ve already seen some of these techniques in action—probably even used them yourself. Now’s your chance to put them together in a way that works best for your grade level, subject, and teaching style. Tilting Your Teaching will show you how to get big results by managing your room just a little differently.

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Developed from extensive research and decades of teaching experience, the Simple Shifts do not require you to totally change your teaching—just “tilt” it a bit with these practical, teacher-friendly strategies:

  • Low-Key Interventions: Nudge off-task students back to their work.
  • Pivoting and Reframing: Defuse conflict and steer argumentative students back to their learning.
  • Instructional Clarity: Secure complete student attention before issuing instructions or making transitions.
  • Wait Time: Extend the amount of thinking time you give students before expecting them to respond.
  • Pause and Elaboration Time: Extend your pauses after students answer, encouraging them to give more detailed responses.
  • Snapshot Feedback: Use fast, formative feedback from students to assess the immediate impact of your teaching.
  • Reflection Time: Give students an opportunity to quickly demonstrate that they have taken your advice.


Tilting Your Teaching comes with “micro-data tools” so you can track your progress and fine-tune your use of the Simple Shifts.


Pages: 146
Publisher: McREL International
Edition: 1st
OCLC: 2020905198
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Glen Pearsall

Glen Pearsall works throughout the world as an educational consultant, specializing in instructional practice, teacher coaching, and workload reduction for teachers. He was a teacher leader at Eltham School in Victoria, Australia, a board member of the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority, and a research fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Youth Research. He is the author or coauthor of And Gladly Teach, Classroom Dynamics, and Fast and Effective Assessment: How to Reduce Your Workload and Improve Student Learning, among other books. Glen is also the founding presenter of the widely popular “PD in the Pub” series for graduate and pre-service teachers. His most recent projects include Toon Teach, an animated series on classroom management.

Natasha Harris

Natasha Harris is an editor and professional writer. She was the managing editor of Traffic, the University of Melbourne’s journal for interdisciplinary studies, and has worked on such educational publications as The Music Cubby and The Literature Toolbox. Natasha has long-term interest in behavior change and skill acquisition, and worked in communications at the Research and Innovation Portfolio at RMIT University. She is currently the production editor of Australian Birdlife magazine.