A Teacher's Reflective Impact Journal

A Teacher's Reflective Impact Journal

Pursuing Greatness Every Day

By: Mary Smith, Pete Hall, Alisa Simeral

Publication date: 2020
ISBN: 9781732699496
Subject: Instruction

You may be your own harshest critic at times—but you can also be your own best teacher.


With A Teacher’s Reflective Impact Journal: Pursuing Greatness Every Day as your guide, you’ll develop reflective habits to help you focus on your goals, improve what needs improving, and celebrate what you’ve gotten right.

Filled with quotes to ponder and prompts to organize your thoughts, this is the perfect journal for any teacher who’s committed to pursuing greatness all year long.

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Self-reflection is one of the most powerful habits a teacher can develop. McREL is pleased to bring you the perfect companion to your reflective journey: a guided journal to help you chronicle which classroom practices are going great, which could stand some improvement, and how you’re growing and changing along the way.

Have you ever written in a journal or diary before? This is pretty much the same, except it’s focused on your work as a professional educator. The Journal gives you weekly open-ended writing prompts crafted to help you develop new habits of thinking. In repeated succession, you’ll progress through these themes:

WOW weeks: Something went well in your teaching this week (it did!). Let’s celebrate it, and then think about why it’s important to you and how you can replicate it.

YIKES weeks: Mistakes happen. Turn your mistakes into powerful learning opportunities using the reflective process and plan for a positive outcome next time.

GOAL weeks: Identify a particular outcome you want to achieve—such as a skill you’d like to master or a structure you’d like to implement—and plan how you’re going to achieve it.

QUESTION weeks: What do you need to know about your students, your professional responsibilities, or education in general?

TACKLE A FEAR weeks: Is something holding you back? Confront it and watch your capacity for success increase.

Underpinning the journal is the Reflective Cycle—a concept that co-authors Pete Hall and Alisa Simeral (along with Bryan Goodwin, Bj Stone, and Bess Scott) also explored in Pursuing Greatness: Empowering Teachers to Take Charge of Their Professional Growth.

Pages: 144
Publisher: McREL International
Edition: 1st
OCLC: 2020905056
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Mary Smith

Mary Smith is a former teacher and curriculum specialist who speaks, coaches, writes, podcasts, and wonders about ways that we can amplify our roles as educators.

Pete Hall

Pete Hall is a veteran school administrator, keynote speaker, and professional development agent who has dedicated his career to supporting the improvement of our education systems. This is his ninth book—and his fifth collaboration with Alisa Simeral, including Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice: Capacity-Building for Schoolwide Success (ASCD, 2017). He also authored Lead On! Motivational Lessons for School Leaders (Eye on Education, 2011) and more than 20 articles on school leadership. A passionate advocate for Whole Child/Whole Adult approaches, Pete provides support to leaders, schools, and organizations across the globe. You can contact him via email at PeteHall@EducationHall.com or catch his Twitter feed at @EducationHall.

Alisa Simeral

Author and consultant Alisa Simeral has guided reform efforts as a teacher, instructional coach, administrator, professional developer, and leadership mentor in K–12 and adult education settings. Her focus is empowering educators to take charge of their professional learning by developing and refining the metacognitive habits famously identified by John Dewey. She is a co-author of numerous publications, including the best sellers Creating a Culture of Reflective Practice: Capacity-Building for Schoolwide Success (ASCD, 2017), Building Teachers’ Capacity for Success: A Collaborative Approach for Coaches and School Leaders (ASCD, 2008), and Teach, Reflect, Learn: Building Your Capacity for Success in the Classroom (ASCD, 2015). She works as a consultant and professional speaker at schools, districts, and education organizations worldwide, supporting their work to cultivate reflective practice and shift from cultures of compliance to cultures of commitment. Alisa’s mantra is “When our teachers succeed, our students succeed.”