Classroom Instruction That Works (2nd Ed) and Tools for CITW - Print Book Bundle

Classroom Instruction That Works (2nd Ed) and Tools for CITW - Print Book Bundle

This price includes a 25% discount for ordering the print versions of Classroom Instruction That Works (2nd Ed) and Tools for CITW together.

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Classroom Instruction That Works

First published in 2001, Classroom Instruction That Works revolutionized teaching by linking nine categories of instructional practices to evidence of increased student learning.
This second edition explores each of the nine instructional strategy categories, and delivers expanded evidence-based insights on how to apply them in the classroom. You’ll learn how and why some strategies work more effectively than others. It includes an Instructional Planning Guide that shows you when to emphasize each of the instructional strategies and use them to:

-Create an environment for learning that ensures an effective backdrop for every lesson.
-Develop your students' understanding by using their prior knowledge as scaffolding for new learning.
-Help students extend and apply knowledge and move beyond “right answer” learning to an expanded understanding and use of concepts and skills.


Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works

This book provides more than 50 classroom-ready tools that make it easy to implement the nine categories of effective teaching strategies from McREL’s bestselling book, Classroom Instruction That Works (2012) across grade levels and content areas. By incorporating these tools into your daily practice, you can turn your classroom into a place where high levels of engagement and deep learning happen every day. The challenge for teachers has always been how to build these achievement-boosting strategies into their everyday instruction:

• Setting objectives and providing feedback

• Reinforcing effort and providing recognition

• Cooperative learning

• Cues, questions, and advance organizers

• Nonlinguistic representations

• Summarizing and note taking

• Assigning homework and providing practice

• Identifying similarities and differences

• Generating and testing hypotheses

Each of the 50+ tools in the book includes a summary of that tool’s research-based benefits, the 3-7 basic steps for using the tool, concrete examples that model how to use the tool in classrooms, and a “Teacher Talk” section that gives tips on lesson planning and implementation.

The final chapter in the book walks educators through a process for combining tools with principles of effective instructional design and knowledge of how student learning works to design focused, learning-driven, effective instructional plans.

This price includes a 25% discount for ordering the print versions of Classroom Instruction That Works (2nd Ed) and Tools for CITW together.

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Education: Ph.D.
Abigail L. Boutz

During her tenure with Silver Strong & Associates, Dr. Boutz has designed training modules and workshop materials on classroom tools and strategies, learning styles, and instructional leadership. She has also co-authored three award-winning titles in the Tools for Today’s Educators series: Tools for Thoughtful Assessment, Tools for Conquering the Common Core, and Tools for a Successful School Year. Dr. Boutz is a former tutor and mentor for students at the elementary through college levels, most recently at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she served as a lecturer for the Life Sciences Department, a university field supervisor for the Teacher Education Program, and an academic coordinator for the Undergraduate Research Center/Center for Academic and Research Excellence.

Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works

Education: Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, University of Connecticut at Storrs; M.S. Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University
Ceri B. Dean

Ceri B. Dean was a senior fellow and the vice president for field services at McREL International, where she was responsible for the development and successful implementation of McREL's professional development, technical assistance, and consultation services. She served as the director of large-scale projects, including the North Central Comprehensive Center at McREL, a U.S. Department of Education–funded technical assistance center.

Classroom Instruction That Works

Education: M.Ed. Instructional Technology, Grand Canyon University; B.A. Elementary Education, Oklahoma Panhandle State University
Cheryl Abla

Cheryl Abla is a managing consultant with McREL International, where she trains and coaches K–12 teachers and school leaders on effective instructional strategies, classroom technology, teacher coaching, English-language-learner supports, and creating engaging school cultures and climates. Prior to joining McREL, she taught grades 1–12 for more than 20 years; served as a national facilitator for the FACES, Inc. character education program; and was the director of both a Parents as Teachers district program and a Migrant Education Even Start district program. Drawing on her extensive and diverse classroom experience, she has presented at educational conferences around the United States and the Pacific and has authored several articles for McREL’s Changing Schools magazine.

Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works

Education: M.A. Information and Learning Technologies, University of Colorado; B.S.Ed. Early Childhood/Elementary Education, University of Georgia
Elizabeth Ross Hubbell

Elizabeth Ross Hubbell is an educator, author, and speaker with more than 20 years’ experience across many levels of education. She currently serves as a senior program manager at Academic Impressions, where she designs professional learning experiences for higher education. Her primary topics of interest include women’s leadership and new innovations in student success and retention. Prior to joining Academic Impressions, Elizabeth served as a K–12 consultant with McREL International, focusing on instructional strategies and technologies. She is a co-author of The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching: A Checklist for Staying Focused Every Day and Classroom Instruction That Works: Research-Based Strategies for Increasing Student Achievement (2nd Ed.)She has presented at the ACEL, ASCD, ISTE, Colorado TIE, Learning Forward, SREB, NSBA’s T+L, and EARCOS conferences. Elizabeth is a former Montessori teacher.

Classroom Instruction That Works, Instructional Models, The 12 Touchstones of Good Teaching

Education: Ed.D. and M.Ed. Columbia University; B.S. University of Rhode Island
Harvey F. Silver

Co-founder and president of Silver Strong & Associates, Dr. Silver has more than 40 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, and consultant. He is a regular speaker at national and regional education conferences, addressing a wide range of topics, including differentiated instruction, thoughtful assessment, school leadership, tools and strategies for meeting today’s standards, and lesson/unit design. Dr. Silver also conducts workshops for schools, districts, and educational organizations around the world. He is the co-author of several education bestsellers, including Tools for Thoughtful Assessment, Tools for a Successful School Year, and The Core Six. He has also collaborated with Matthew Perini to develop the Thoughtful Classroom Teacher Effectiveness Framework, a comprehensive teacher evaluation system that is being implemented in school districts across the country.

Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works, Tools for Igniting Curiosity

Education: Ed.D. Educational Administration and M.A. Music Performance, Wichita State University; B.A. Music Education, Indiana State University
Howard Pitler

Howard Pitler was a senior director at McREL International, where he conducted workshops and trainings for K–12 teachers and administrators on research-based instructional strategies, technology, and pedagogy; conducted technology audits for districts; and worked with school and district leaders using McREL's Power Walkthroughâ classroom observation software.

A Handbook for Classroom Instruction That Works, Classroom Instruction That Works

Education: M.A.
Matthew J. Perini

As senior director of content development for Silver Strong & Associates, Matthew Perini has authored numerous books, curriculum guides, and articles on a wide range of topics, including reading instruction, formative assessment, and effective teaching practices. Most recently, he collaborated with Harvey Silver and Abigail Boutz on Tools for a Successful School Year, winner of both a Teachers’ Choice Award and an Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY). Matthew has been a driving force in the development of Thoughtful Education Press, the publishing division of Silver Strong & Associates. He serves as both a contributing author and series editor for Thoughtful Education Press’s award-winning Tools for Today’s Educators line of books.

Tools for Classroom Instruction That Works, Tools for Igniting Curiosity