A Handbook for Classroom Instruction That Works

A Handbook for Classroom Instruction That Works

By: Howard Pitler

Publication date: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4166-1468-5

Use this handbook to learn how to easily apply the various teaching practices described in our best-selling book Classroom Instruction That Works (CITW) in your classroom, school, or district.

Get expert tips for implementation and save time by using the included samples, worksheets, and other tools for planning classroom activities. Check your understanding of the nine teaching strategies with straightforward exercises, and use the supplied rubrics to assess effectiveness and improve your methods. Make your classroom environment the paradigm for CITW!

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Title information

This handbook helps you understand when and how to apply the teaching practices from our best-selling book Classroom Instruction That Works (CITW). The authors offer an Instructional Planning Guide, to help you better understand the nine research-based strategies from CITW and make the most effective use of them in your classroom.

Bring the strategies, skills, and information from CITW to life in your classroom, school, or districts, by using:

-Exercises to check your understanding of the strategies.
-Tips and recommendations for implementing the strategies.
-Samples, worksheets, and other tools to help plan classroom activities.
-Rubrics to assess the effectiveness of the strategy with your students.


Pages: 335
Language: English
Publisher: ASCD, McREL International
Edition: Second
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Howard Pitler

Howard Pitler was a senior director at McREL International, where he conducted workshops and trainings for K–12 teachers and administrators on research-based instructional strategies, technology, and pedagogy; conducted technology audits for districts; and worked with school and district leaders using McREL's Power Walkthroughâ classroom observation software.

Education: Ed.D. Educational Administration and M.A. Music Performance, Wichita State University; B.A. Music Education, Indiana State University

The Classroom Instruction That Works (CITW) book series is one of the most widely used resources for increasing student achievement for good reason: Each book provides evidence-based insights from rigorous research to strengthen teachers’ instructional planning and delivery. Through these books, you’ll understand why and how McREL’s nine categories of instruction work, and learn to effectively use them in specific situations, including with English language learners and with classroom technology. You’ll see how these methods connect directly to students gaining key 21st-century skills. Learn how to design lessons and teaching techniques that will work best in your classroom to heighten engagement and deepen understanding with your students. A Handbook for Classroom Instruction That Works offers guidance, rubrics, checklists, templates, tools, protocols, and tips to help you easily apply the various CITW teaching strategies in specific situations and with various tasks. Make your classroom the paradigm for CITW!